Computer Appreciation Course

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Welcome to the Computer Appreciation Course page.

This basic computer course is made up of 2 modules:

1. Computer fundamental class

In this module, you will learn about different aspects of computer from concept to history, down to the applications and impacts of computer in our society today.

2. Windows (How to use windows operating system)

This module contain videos of step by step guide on how to use computer system running Windows operating system.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn about the concepts and history of computer
  • You will learn how the computer has evolved to the amazing devices we have today
  • You will learn about the different parts and features that make up the computer
  • You will learn how computers are impacting our society today
  • You will also learn how to perform basic tasks on the Windows operating system

Topics for this course

33 Lessons3h 27m

Computer Fundamental?

In this module, you will learn the concept of computer, how computer has evolved and the application and impact of computers in our society today.
What Is A Computer00:07:18
Classifications of Computers00:13:28
Computer History00:10:41
Computer Generations00:07:22
Computer Terminologies00:09:44
Computer Hardware00:05:58
Computer Software00:07:33
Computer Memory00:05:12
Applications of Computer00:02:25
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer00:05:43
Computer Virus00:05:55
Computer Care00:02:55
Computer Booting00:01:43

How To Use Windows Operating System?

In this module, you will learn how to perform basic tasks on a window operating system

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About the instructor

Emmanuel Onyewuchi is an Ex computer Instructor turn Digital Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur, He is also the Founder of Digitaltopnotch Academy, when he is not creating a course he is probably writing, learning new things or having fun.
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  • Commitment and willingness to learn computer and digital skills
  • A notebook and pen to take notes of important concepts, terms and phrases
  • A phone or computer connected to the internet

Target Audience

  • Individuals who are getting ready for the labour market
  • Individuals on the career path
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs getting ready to optimize the online world for their business