Internet And Web Blueprint

  • Course level: Intermediate


Do you understand the basis of the web? Do you understand how the web is made possible?

If you don’t understand the concepts of a thing it will be difficult for you to make the most of it.

When you enrol in a computer training in an institute after going through the computer fundamental class the internet and web class is the next class for you.

This class is always designed to help you understand the internet, the web and the online world as we may have it. This course will help you understand how global system of connections and communications are enabled.

It’s from this basic understanding that you can get to make the most of the online world we live in today.

Enrol in this free course today and learn basic computer networking, the internet and the web.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand how the internet and the web work
  • Learn about the different types of computer networking and communications
  • Online Security- learn how to stay safe while accessing online platforms
  • How to access the web, create an email account, send and receive an email -- for newbies
  • Internet Growth stats, how internet growth is growing so fast
  • Different ways the online world is impacting our lives

Topics for this course

20 Lessons2h 26m

The Internet

What is The Internet?00:05:16
Internet History00:05:53
Internet Methodology00:11:12
Internet Services Provider Isp00:8:49

The Intranet

The Extranet

The Web

Free Materials

About the instructor

Emmanuel Onyewuchi is an Ex computer Instructor turn Digital Marketer and Digital Entrepreneur, He is also the Founder of Digitaltopnotch Academy, when he is not creating a course he is probably writing, learning new things or having fun.
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Material Includes

  • Free Copy of my ebook “Go digital”
  • Access to my lecture slides


  • You need to have basic computer fundamental knowledge to get the best from this course, if you don't have any no worries, you can take free Computer Appreciation Course from our course page
  • Phone or a computer, preferable computer
  • Miximazime of 300MB to go throw all the lessons, the video lessons are well compressed
  • Commitment to growth and learning. Most people will sign up for the course but will not go through it, they lack the commitment, but I know you don't.
  • Notebook and Pen to take notes of concepts and ideas
  • Just 2h 26m long, you can go through this course in a session

Target Audience

  • Students seeking opportunities as digital entrepreneurs
  • Graduate and Undergraduate seeking better opportunities in the labour market
  • Small Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make the most of the online world
  • Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Consultant or any professional that is kneeled to making the most of the online world